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The Machine

“In September 2006, a three-piece ensemble with heavy enthusiasm for stoner coloured psychedelic rock necessarily came from Netherland – called The MACHINE. Their soundscape are much influenced by various artists – from 60s psychedelic jam bands or early 70s rock pioneers like Jimi Hendrix Experience, Blue Cheer, Pink Floyd or Black Sabbath, to recent stoner-psychedelic developer like Kyuss, Sleep or Colour Haze…”

Shadow of the Machine (2007)

Solar Corona (2009)

Drie (2010)

Tia Carrera

“Music that takes the listener on a major drug trip. The opiate daze in the guitar lines, the sedative drift of the drum rolls, and the tranquilizing haze of the bass wells all ring with stoner rock keys and a flying kite-like carpet ride. The band has been compared to Jimi Hendrix and Black Sabbath but they have a Southern rock intonation in their chord ruminations more aligned with the Allman Brothers, The Grateful Dead, and Widespread Panic…”

The November Session (2003)

Tia Carrera (2006)

Heaven Hell (2007)

The Quintessential (2009)

Cosmic Priestess (2011)


“TITAN are a quartet from New York. They started out as an improvised stoner rock band, but years later they got interested and influenced by 70’s progressive rock… Their sound is like a time machine into the 70’s filled with jams, freak outs, bombastic organs, motorik bass lines and fuzzed guitars… The band draws influences from many 70’s prog acts unlike most stoner rock or retro bands that focus more on the hard rock bands from that era. Bands like HAWKWIND, MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA, ASH RA TEMPLE, CAN, COMUS, NEU!, PINK FLOYD, IRON BUTTERFLY, RUSH, BLACK SABBATH, DEEP PURPLE and BLUE CHEER are some of their biggest influences…”

Pilzmarmelade (2006)

Titan (2006)

A Raining Sun of Light and Love, For You and You and You (2007)

Carlton Melton

“Finally, a psychedelic band that successfully crosses generations, appealing equally to old school bong-bubblers, kinky krautrockers and the new school of psychedelic stooges. Can-style jams, trance-inducing drones and Ummagumma-era Pink Floyd ambiance may be the foundation here but these improv jams easily break from the tether of their influences and soar righteously through the stratosphere. Freak out…”

Pass It On (2010)

Country Ways (2011)

AQ Hits (2012)

Smoke Drip (2012)

Photos of Photos (2012)

Live Europe ’12 (2013)

Smoking Spore – Conversations in D-Minor (2009)

Conversations in D-Minor (2009)

“The album contains the entire second jam session of Texas-based Smoking Spore, recorded live-in-studio… The four-piece instrumental band blends seventies-inspired psychedelia with modern ambience, Southern stoner grooves, and a healthy buffet of bizarre guitar effects… Smoking Spore skips, jumps, waddles, and trips their way through completely improvised psychedelic epics…”


“The psychedelic sound of EARTHLESS from California, San Diego, has two faces: a free improvisational trio in style of early ASH RA TEMPEL and live jammings of CREAM, and a heavy stoner riffings is style of BLACK SABBATH and BUDGIE. This sound is borne from efforts of guitarist Isaiah Mitchell, bass player Mike Eginton and drummer Mario Rubalcaba. In their free improvisations the rhythm section keeps the time and marks changes of modal themes for the fuzzy guitar doing both cosmic explorations and heavy stoner riff construction works. If you like vintage psychedelia or heavy stoner rock, preferrably both, this group blends these elements in a professional manner…”

Live at the Casbah 03 04 (2004)

Live at the Casbah 04 06 (2004)

Live at the Casbah 06 09 (2004)

Live at the Cashbah 08 12 (2004)

Live at the Casbah 02 16 (2005)

Sonic Prayer Jam (2005)

Sonic Prayer (2005)

Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky (2007)

Jull (2008)

Live at Roadburn (2008)

Live! First D.C. Appearance (2009)

Live at Reggie’s Rock Club (2009)

Live in Guadalest (2009)

Live at Roadburn (2010)

Living in the Cosmic Nod (2012)

Live at the Roxy Theatre (2012)

Earthless (2012)

Oz Tour CD (2012)

Oz Tour CD Number 2 (2013)

Red (2013)

From the Ages (2013)

Acid Crusher (2016)