Category: 2003

Ektroverde – Ukkossalama (2003)

“Ektroverde is an offshoot of Circle, the musicians change as constantly as the ideas expressed musically in this band. An eclectic combination of krautrock, post-rock, space rock and free-form jazz, Ektroverde is marked by it’s long, hypnotic jams and it’s use of homemade electronica – the UFOX air humidifier theremin, vacuum cleaner synth, breadbox guitar amp, and a collection of modular oscillators and such. Think of The Young Gods mingling with the Lotus Eaters, Hawkwind, Los Natas, Colour Haze and the Velvet Underground with a bit of Bootsy Collins bass here and there for good measure. A highly recommended listening experience.”

Tsurubami – Gekkyukekkaichi (2003)

“Tsurubami is yet another side project by the prolific Acid Mothers Temple guitarist Makoto Kawabata, with Temple bassist Hiroshi Higashi and drummer Emi Nobuko… Here are squalling guitars, over-driven basses, feedback, and cacophonous noise. In the maelstrom, which is utter and total, shifting overtones and subtleties are rained on the listener with alarming frequency — and they are heard whether the volume is high or low — creating another layer of density to an already impossible textured quilt of color and amplitude.”

Gas Giant – Jam of the Month (2003)

“Gas Giant is a 3 piece rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark. Their sound blends influences from classic rock acts of the ’60s and ’70s like The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath with a sound and attitude found in modern bands such as Kyuss and Monster Magnet… Their songs evolve organically during epic rehearsal jam sessions, but balance sledgehammer riffs with plenty of catchy hooks.”


Ici Maintenants – Space And Time (2003)

“ICI MAINTENANTS was the name chosen for a one-off project that took place at the Summer Solstice in Glastonbury in 2001. There former Here & Now members Kif Kif le Batter (drums, vocals), Twink el Toes-Malone (synths, keyboards) and Steffe Sharp de Strings (guitar, vocals) hooked up with Tim Flatus (bass) and played a totally improvised set at the Glastonbury Assembly Rooms, in a manner pretty similar to what often was done at the Free Festival’s of the 70’s.”