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Atlanta – Nugrybauti (2020)

“ATLANTA is an instrumental jamband from the Netherlands consisting of drummer Bob Hogenelst (Birth Of Joy/Molasses), bassguitarist Sebas van Olst (Typhoon/Cool Genius) and guitarist Pieter Holkenborg (Automatic Sam/Ten East). The members share their love for 60’s psychedelic rock, early 70’s free form jazz, 80’s punkrock and contemporary experimental bands in their spontaneous improvisations.”


Monomyth – Monomyth (2013)

“Do you like music that pulls you out of your arm chair and takes you on a ride across the desert or possibly even through space? Yes? Well I have some great news, here’s another album which is going to do just that. Monomyth are a five piece instrumental band from the Netherlands, a land that we all know has a certain herb in abundance which has no doubt helped these chaps create a splendid self-titled little record… If you are a fan of bands like Colour Haze, Monkey3 and latter day Ancestors then you are going to love this album.”


Het Droste Effect – Het Droste Effect (2011)

“Het Droste Effect from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Tracks ranging from repetitive robotrock to calm ambient to psychedelic kraut and space rock, infused with field recordings and special guests on bass, moog, vibraphonette, saxophone and monotron. Inspired by many great bands from the past and the present, Hermann (guitar/engineer) & Thompson (drums/percussion) set out to create a sound of their own. Het Droste Effect go on to have a jazz-inspired jam that fuses influences from the extended freestyle freeform funtimes of bands like the Grateful Dead.”


Max Headroom – Stonerman’s Friend (2011)

“Max Headroom is a power trio that plays entirely improvised stoner rock jams. The band was formed in late 2010 by three musicians that come from Plutonium Nyborg (doom), Fal-Tor-Voh (stoner rock), Fresh & Frozen (grunge), Musical Chairs Collective (improvised) and now guarantee a diverse set of psychedelic desert rock so that every rocker will automatically headbang!”

Group 1850 – Polyandri (1975)

“This Dutch group was one of the earliest Continental European progressive rock bands… Acid rock elements are clearly present in their first albums from the end of 1960’s, and PINK FLOYD’s “Saucerful of Secrets” album has surely been an innovator for them, like to so many other spaced out groups. Their music isn’t an exact copy of their innovator’s sound though, as there is a wide spectrum of different styles merged to the band’s music in custom of psychedelia’s artistic freedom. The overall feeling of the band’s early music is nonrelaxed but not very aggressive, probably pleasing the fans of music describings a cosmic journey within one’s mind… Their mostly instrumental music grew to a larger scope containing strong musical elements.”

The Julie Mittens – The Julie Mittens (2008)

“Primarily inspired by the free improvisation scene of the ’60s, the Julie Mittens are fundamentally a rock power trio with little to no interest in playing rock music. The tracks are live-in-the-studio improvisations named after the date they were recorded and ranging in length from nine-and-a-half to just over 22 minutes. Guitarist Aart-Jan Schakenbos favors extended drones, often exploring all the harmonic possibilities of a single note for several minutes at a time.”

35007 – Liquid (2002)

“Going by the enigmatic code name 35007 (“loose” spelled upside down), Dutch musicians Mark Sponselee (guitar, bass, drums, synths, effects), Bertus Fridael (guitar), Michel Boekhoudt (bass), and Sander Evers (drums) perform ambient trance-groove music of a predominantly instrumental design. Secretive by nature, the group rarely performs live, and when it does, it’s usually with the help of a visual specialist to provide a truly multimedia and multi-sensory experience.”