Dark – The Jam (1975)

“Crafting a musical skeleton that has as much in common with British folk as it does with West Coast jam bands, DARK wouldn’t be unlike a lot of other psychedelic bands in the late sixties/early seventies. What made them different was one thing: a solid understanding of fuzzy guitar. Rather than merely using the fuzzbox to show off, DARK incorporated it into the build of their songs, laying it across moody, heavy tracks that approached sprawling.”

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  1. This jam is really fantastic. I'm blown away by the tone and sustain of the extended jamming. This is amazing playing. Thanks so much for this awesome site. So many hidden gems to discover!

  2. Thanks for the upload & post and most of all for listening. We recorded this to try out a new mixer I had just bought to complement my 4 track Teac recorder. We were in the loft of my parent's house that I had converted into a recording studio. I roped in Ron & Clive from Dark plus Bob Stryjek who also drummed for Dark for a while after 'Round The Edges' and Julian Temple on bass who I was with in another band at the time.
    The project was really just an experiment which turned out ok – so, having recorded it I did some production, added some phasing and kept for posterity.
    Glad you liked it!

    Steve Giles

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