“Hills formed as a 3-piece aiming to make music that focuses on the groove/sounds and rhythm instead of the lyrics/message and classical songwriting structures. To create a meditative space heavily dependent on improvisation. To create a feeling but not necessarily to explain it through words. Influenced by everything from the early experimentation of John Coltrane via the repetitiveness of Velvet Underground, Krautrock / Psych in general and the grimness of early black/ death metal bands such as Hellhammer and punk. Hills try to keep it honest, analog and raw in the very best way they can.”

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  1. Hello trippy jam freaks!

    The pic on top is a pic of the band Electric Moon!!!! Some Hills members are standing in the public!
    It was shot at the very first Electric Moon gig!

    Hills (and Electric Moon and much more) original releases are available here:
    (we deliver worldwide for fair prices)

  2. I like this band. their song, the vessel is about asik veysel i guess. and istiklal street is in istanbul. this guys and girl love Turkey 😀

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