Category: 2009

Sylvester Anfang II – Sylvester Anfang II (2009)

“Continuous jamming, during which the band zoned out and unfurled some gorgeous sprawling psychedelic krautrock flecked jams, jams that seemed to gradually evolve into hazy drugged out ragas, all woozy bass lines, simple motorik drumming, wheezing organs, spidery guitars, and soft hazy clouds of effects, everything blurred and smeared into gauzy expanses of minimal ritualistic drift. But the magic of SAII is that for all of their abstract drug rock exploration, they’re also masters of freaked out psychedelic space rock blissout.”

Xhol – Essen 1970 (2009)

“Xhol Caravan, known first as Soul Caravan and later as simply Xhol, was one of the first bands participating in the launch of the Krautrock movement in Germany in the late 1960s. Their music draws from varied influences and fuses rhythm and blues and free jazz with a psychedelic rock sensibility… The live recordings include improvisational pieces stretching in some cases well beyond 25 minutes in length.”

Cary Grace – Green Carrot Jam (2009)

“Cary Grace composes, produces and performs music, which is strongly related to the classic British psychedelic progressive rock sound… On her records she sings, and plays both guitar and vintage synthesizers. With her collaborators she creates moody music with strong composed melodies and lyrics, and also providing space for free cosmic jammings. The melodic side of her music could be compared to early 1970’s Pink Floyd, and the sound of analogue synthesizers in the improvisational sequences has little similar feeling as some of the Hawkwind records have.”