Category: 2021

Diagonal – Live In Leeds 2012 (2021)

“A remastered ‘official bootleg’ documenting Diagonal in its second formation – playing live in support of Wolf People in 2012 at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds. A very different beast to the current band line-up, this Diagonal shared territory with the likes of Magma and ‘Red’ era King Crimson. Hot from the release of their second album ‘The Second Mechanism’ Diagonal were in top muscular form, sonically blasting West Yorkshire with unique, pulsating heavy prog.”


Free Whenever – Jam Junkies, Vol. 1 (2021)

“Free Whenever is an American psychedelic rock duo formed in 2020 in Brooklyn, NY. It was co-founded by multi-instrumentalist pair Neil Guleria and Trevor LaVecchia, who are responsible for all of the band’s writing, performing, recording, and production. The band’s signature sounds include freeform electric guitar and bass melodization, effects-heavy analog synthesizers, and a blend of acoustic drums and hand percussion. They have a vast range of influences both in and outside of their immediate genre, but the core inspiration of behind the band’s psychedelic sound character comes from both classic artists like Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, and Grateful Dead and contemporary artists like Tommy Guerrero, RHCP, Tame Impala, MGMT, and Khruangbin.”


Gnod – Easy To Build, Hard To Destroy (2021)

“It’s the sound of an uncompromising devotion to rapture through noise and repetition, a portrait of a band whose anarchic approach and raw intensity any other outfit would be frankly terrified to follow onstage. Captured in the hypnotic rhythmic drive and intimidating atmospheres of tracks like ‘They Live’ and ‘Inner Z’ is a mantric energy which take a jumping-off point from the Krautrock, Japanese rock and underground American psychedelia the band were hammering at the time, as well as the droogy nihilism of The Stooges debut. Yet these feral experiments reach far beyond into a headspace that acknowledges no boundaries, rock orthodoxy or genre constriction.”


Rostro Del Sol – Rostro Del Sol (2021)

“The debut Album from Mexico City’s Rostro del Sol, is a musical collage of Blues, Jazz, Funk, Progressive and Psych rock from the golden eras of the 60’s and 70’s, which offers unexpected moments, developed trough diverse sonorities & intensities as the music goes on, each song is intended to tell a history on it’s own, just listen and set your imagination free to find the essence inside.”