Carlton Melton – Night Pillers (2021)

“Carlton Melton are fine purveyors of blitzed psych and space rock and for anyone who enjoyed their recent ‘Where This Leads’ album then you are in for a treat as this mini LP is culled from tracks recorded at the same sessions. Expect further journeys into orbit with sizzling guitar leads, spacey synths and kraut-influenced head nodding drums.”


2 Replies to “Carlton Melton – Night Pillers (2021)”

  1. Admittedly never a Carlton Melton fan but this is mellow and hypnotic in all the good ways.
    Sometimes sedatively repetitive (Morning Warmth), sometimes repetitively exploratory (Safe Place), this is captivating nonetheless. These are not high energy psychedelics but they create that faraway feeling that comes with good tranquilizers. The high point arrives at the end (Striatum), all fuzzy & feedbacky, plugged in and lazily jamming with reverb guitar on the way out. Pretty chill.

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