Talea Jacta meets Electric Moon – Sabotar (2021)

“Kosmische vibes (check), double drummers (double check), long songs (check), ‘Sabotar’ is the debut record by a supergroup formed by Electric Moon (a beloved German psych group) and Talea Jactar (guitarist of 10000 Russos). This album was recorded as a stereo file from the mixing desk when they met for a concert together as one band in 2019. Primal stuff.”

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  1. Great word, ‘Primal’. This recording pulses with primitive energy.

    In three parts we experience the coalescence of two bands, one from the foggy valleys of Pangea and one from the rocky peaks of Gaia. Two guitarists, two percussionists and one bassist playing like a 10-armed colossus, the heartbeat of our origins reverberating from their instruments. This ‘supergroup’ leans more to the EM edge, with the spacier sound of TJ bringing texture to areas between strums & thumps. There’s evidence of real union between the two as well, most notably in the excellent doubled up percussion (drums and toms) on the latter half of Part Three. Regardless, this is a mammoth recording, elemental yet intricate, and an incredible document of like minds laying down some live psychedelic rocket sauce.

    Standout: Part Three (but plays best all 3 are heard as one long track)

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