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  1. So yeah, these guys… a little less prolific than outstanding ØSC, but man does Electric Moon wail. Expansive acid-soaked space rock, typically recorded live, and makes for great mind travels. Can’t find much info on this set, but I’m guessing with the lack of titles and the breaks during each ‘part’ that these are improvised live tracks.

    part 1 smolders and swells, building on what I can only describe as echoed guitars – repeated progressions that create the effect of movement or projection forward (something they’ve honed to perfection over the years). This part breaks at 31:20 after a fair bit of flight and restarts for 14min of swirling auditory hallucinations. part 2 heads in a more direct guitar path, with some spaced-out ‘solos’ that build in energy and keep the trip going until the 12:35 mark. The last bit of this recording slowly blooms into more acid-guitar, matched by noticeably energetic drumming and erupts into a wall of hollow reverb and droning squelch that highlights a righteous experience and great recording of live Electric Moon.

    I don’t know if it’s obvious, but I really like these guys. Definitely check this and their newer stuff out. Highly recommended.

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