Kanaan – Earthbound (2021)

“Emerging from an ocean of fuzz like a Kyuss that went to jazz school, instrumental power trio Kanaan are ready with their fourth studio album in as many years… Where Kanaan’s former albums have been jazzy and psychedelic explorations, with forays into kraut and free improvisation, the new album Earthbound comes at you, heavier than a ton of bricks. However, even though they wear their stoner rock influences on their sleeve, the music is not a departure from their earlier projects, more of a continuation. Inspired by bands such as Colour Haze, Hawkwind, Elder, Motorpsycho and Acid Mothers Temple, Earthbound serves up plenty of surprising twists and turns, beautiful and mellow passages and masterful musicianship. Although never flashy, the whole album is a showcase of the three wildly talented musicians as they plow their way through enormous riffs and thunderous grooves.”


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  1. Man they hit the description of this one on the head! Fuzzy, sludgey funk just oozes out of the amps from start to finish. And not that this all stoner psych either… the boys in Kanaan dial up all of their past habits and plug into massive psychedelic power, heavy on the THC… there’s even a stunner of a doom jam in ‘Crash’. An awesome extension of their jazz-rich improvisational explorations and a wonderful way to zone out in 2022. This one’s gonna be on heavy rotation.

    Standout: No Star left Unturned (the subsiding organ effect is just mesmerizing)

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