Sex Blender – Studio Session I (2021)

“This is a studio session album recorded live and filmed. The band came out with all their raw sounding to express themselves as powerful live act. The album contains pieces of previous two LPs performed with different arrangements due to some lineup changes and shifted accent from lead guitar to electric organ and keyboard sounds.”


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  1. Yeah, these guys are great!

    So, on their Bandcamp page, they have an avatar: playing live, daytime, outside in some sort of field or lot. Front row in the crowd are 3 people, all in various phases of head-toss… this album is A LOT like that… ‘feeling’ the music

    These are fantastic re-interpretations of jams from their previous albums. Four of their best, all but one in double digits on the clock. The addition of organ is amazing across the board. The minor re-workings breathe new life into these already amazing jams. And the ‘liveness’ is electric. Hard to describe, but it’s like hearing something you REALLY like for the first time, again. Very impressive and highly recommended!

    As their BC page says (and I’m sure the folks in the front row will concur), spelling notwithstanding:
    ‘Inhale deeper befor listening’

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