Domadora – The U Book (2021)

“The U Book is a testimony to what makes the identity of Domadora: their organic way of making and playing music. There is no preparation, no Intro, and no Outro. There are no restraints, there is just pure music expressed through vibrations, strong or soft ones; Our current emotions are the only thing that leads us… If we fully relax and let go, it feels like we are no longer the ones making music. It feels like some benevolent entities have joined us, taken charge and are the one playing. It feels like being under a harmless hypnotic trance for hours.”


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  1. While this is good, it’s nowhere near the energy of TIBETAN MONK, in my opinion.
    The U Book has a methodical, mystical feel whereas TIBETAN MONK is way more muscular, electric and thunderous. Not to say there aren’t mellow, repetitive moments on MONK (see the first 6 minutes of Na├»roya) but the guitars just wail when they ‘jam’… something that isn’t really present on The U Book.

    If ‘There can be only one’, this Highlander chooses jams

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