Category: space rock

Melting Euphoria – Upon The Solar Winds (1995)

“It’s less known about this band although MELTING EUPHORIA is often considered as one of the space rock flagships. Formed in San Francisco by keyboardist Don Falcone, England-native Anthony ‘Forti’ Budziszewski (bass) and Mychael Merrill (drums) they started with the album ‘Through The Strands Of Time’ (1994) – avant-garde oriented, forced by spacey synthesizer and tribal drumming… MELTING EUPHORIA moved on with guitarist DeFM and new keyboard/synthesizer collaborators evolving the psych/space fundament. At an interval of one year they released album for album and improved their significant style based on a melodic cosmic trippy sound enriched with a lot of synthesizer goodies.”

Secret Saucer – Element 115 (2005)

“SECRET SAUCER is an idea to bring like minded musicians together to play improvised space rock in a studio setting. The band is build up by members of several US psych/space groups like QUARKSPACE, STAR NATION and SUN MACHINE. Steve Taylor and Steve Hayes had already toured with Nik Turner and Daevid Allen… Even though it sounds like well thought-out song compositions the music is purely improvised coupled with some slight krautrock leanings. SECRET SAUCER surely appeals to fans who prefer the psychedelic phase of Porcupine Tree or like to listen to bands with hypnotic moves like Hawkwind, Gong, Man, Oresund Space Collective and Ozric Tentacles.”

Electric Moon – Flaming Lake (2011)

“ELECTRIC MOON came into existence in 2009 – a new project with cosmic traveller Sula Bassana as the driving force. Bassist Komet Lulu, illustrator on top of that and responsible for corporate design and artwork is aboard as well as Pablo Carneval (drums). In 2010 they worked out their debut ‘Lunatics’, released on German Nasoni label and consisting of long spacey trips in the vein of earlier output with Sula Bassana involved, energetic and hypnotic as is well known, however this time with the focus on a more groovy and acid approach.”


THTX – The Flickering Sky (2009)

“Partially inviting other musicians THTX is a duo project basically formed by guitarist Matthew Smith and percussionist Kerry Gluckman – a jam band with roots in psychedelic and space rock. Both are interested in other genres too which is noticeable here and there. They first met in 2001 at a party in Detroit, soon started to jam together and subsequently recorded a series of eight CDR’s. Their sessions were starting without any preconditions – it is said that even no discussions about the musical direction are allowed. The result manifests in space jams predominantly – but there are avantgarde styled songs too with free jazz leanings where multi-instrumentalist Matthew Smith also plays trumpet, organ and bass… THTX is recommended to fans of rough unpolished spaced out jam music.”

Serpentina Satélite – Nothing To Say (2008)

“The band was formed by the end of 2003 in Lima/Peru by Aldo Castillejos (drums), Felix Dextre (bass) plus guitarists Dolmo and Renato Gomez. SERPENTINA SATELITE stands for a krautrock influenced sound oscillating among improvised space rock jams and wild, raw psychedelic elements similar to their fellow countrymen LA IRA DE DIOS. The music is instrumental predominantly, even though Flavio Castillejos joined. He is responsible for poetry and voice whereas his contributions are more like recitative… SERPENTINA SATELITE shouldn’t be missed by space respectively kraut fans but is also interesting for lovers of heavy psych and even stoner rock.”


Südstern 44 – The Dampfwalze (2006)

“This is a 70-minute-long, psychedelic jam session featuring members of Zone Six and Weltraumstaunen. This CD-R really has only one, really long track of improvised music played with two guitars, bass and drums recorded in 2004. The track begins with a really psychedelic, laid-back and bubbling delay guitar that soon changes into heavy psych/acid guitar jam feast. The musicians jam very tightly without any sing of getting tired or bored and the end result sounds at times like a cross-breeding of Bevis Frond and Marble Sheep… The atmosphere is rather 70’s styled.”

Titan – Pilzmarmelade (2006)

“TITAN are a quartet from New York. They started out as an improvised stoner rock band, but years later they got interested and influenced by 70’s progressive rock… Their sound is like a time machine into the 70’s filled with jams, freak outs, bombastic organs, motorik bass lines and fuzzed guitars… The band draws influences from many 70’s prog acts unlike most stoner rock or retro bands that focus more on the hard rock bands from that era. Bands like HAWKWIND, MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA, ASH RA TEMPLE, CAN, COMUS, NEU!, PINK FLOYD, IRON BUTTERFLY, RUSH, BLACK SABBATH, DEEP PURPLE and BLUE CHEER are some of their biggest influences.”