Category: Finland

Galacticka – Apocalypse Psychedelicka (2007)

“Galacticka plays waste of space rock. This state of [of the art] groovy apocalyptic audiowaste is achieved by combining classic space rock elements with dark psychedelic sounds and monotonous stoner themes. If the overall sound of Galacticka remains undefined in subjective audiospace, it must be heard in the far reaches of the brain. That IS the point of Galacticka. Use in high dosage levels and let yourself remain in waste of space.”

Tivol – Early Teeth (2005)

“While the “free folk” music boom from Finland has recently grabbed the ears of many of this planet’s less ape-eared, Holy Mountain is more than pleased to extend a hand to the darker— not to mention-more rocking— side of this contemporaneous scene. Tivol plays a throbbing, violent and aggressive strain of acid rock that has nothing to do with subtlety. Their already hypnotic material is further enhanced by screamed vocals that do not seem to emanate from this earth.”