Temple Fang – Live at Krach am Bach (2024)

“In the summer of ’23 we hit the european festival circuit with a new drummer, Daan Wopereis, who had stepped in for Egon on a very short notice in June. There was really no time to write anything new so we’d decided to take a few oldies we hadn’t played for a while, rework them with fresh parts and energy and just go and wing it. On August 5th, we headed down to Beelen, Germany to play a festival we were very much looking forward to, the wonderful Krach am Bach… What ensued was what can only be described as magickal, audience and band melting together in one steamy ritual of psychedelia.”


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  1. ‘Longform Rock from Amsterdam’ is accurate
    This is good but it just doesn’t grab me, and I’m not sure why. All the elements are there and it makes the sounds that I gravitate towards, but it just cruises by. Gonna sit with their LP Fang Temple and see if that has something that’s eluding me in this live set.

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