Monomyth – Monomyth (2013)

“Do you like music that pulls you out of your arm chair and takes you on a ride across the desert or possibly even through space? Yes? Well I have some great news, here’s another album which is going to do just that. Monomyth are a five piece instrumental band from the Netherlands, a land that we all know has a certain herb in abundance which has no doubt helped these chaps create a splendid self-titled little record… If you are a fan of bands like Colour Haze, Monkey3 and latter day Ancestors then you are going to love this album.”


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  1. awesome album from the former members of loose!! (35007) vary similar the their epic "liquid" if you like that or anything else on this blog you will love it!

  2. This is some really beautiful music. Thanks a lot for sharing. Its just so chill and has a great ambient atmosphere while still being trippy. Do you have any other bands similar to this? Ones that aren't too quick and jammy but more chilled and ambient like this.

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