Atlanta – Nugrybauti (2020)

“ATLANTA is an instrumental jamband from the Netherlands consisting of drummer Bob Hogenelst (Birth Of Joy/Molasses), bassguitarist Sebas van Olst (Typhoon/Cool Genius) and guitarist Pieter Holkenborg (Automatic Sam/Ten East). The members share their love for 60’s psychedelic rock, early 70’s free form jazz, 80’s punkrock and contemporary experimental bands in their spontaneous improvisations.”


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  1. This is great stuff and if they didn’t tell me, I probably wouldn’t guess that it is all improvised. So many times improvising groups hit a nice groove and drag it out forever or possibly worse, leave it too quickly and never get back to it. This group has the ability to create actual songs on the fly with parts that recur and build. Count me as very impressed with both albums I’ve heard from these guys. I would put it much more in a hard rock category than jam band.
    A couple favorite tracks:

  2. Spot on, Jeffro! This is very sophisticated musicianship. And while the improvisation aspect may be lost on casual listeners, it is a significant AND supremely impressive talent these Dutch jammers possess. Take some time and this will certainly amaze you.

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