10 Replies to “Cosmic Wheels – Cosmic Wheels (2009)”

  1. I respectfully disagree, my friend. 'Psychedelic' music is a pretty broad umbrella of a term, encompassing everything from Pink Floyd to Iron Butterfly to Subarachnoid Space to Magic Hour to Can to SBB. Cosmic Wheels fits in there every bit as well as Pappo's Blues, and I don't find them dull. My only gripe is the short length of the recording. I won't spend the bucks for a 37 minute CD. My only gripe about Pappo's Blues is the vocals. The record would be better without 'em. But that's just my opinion.

  2. Great band! The drummer is Paul Marrone (ex-member of Radio Moscow, and actually playing in Psicomagia) and his brother Vincent Marrone on bass and guitars. Great album!

  3. Knowing Paul personally, I can confirm that he plays everything but the harmonica and bass on this album. I can also confirm that he is a great person and a musical genius.

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