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Junzo Suzuki & Snakes Don’t Belong in Alaska – The Ascended Master Teachings of Junzo Suzuki and Snakes Don’t Belong in Alaska (2019)

“This is long form psychedelic rock which has many extraordinary acid-kraut-rock moments which are futuristic and retro. Not for the faint of heart as the music goes there and back again leaving a trail of cosmic debris which sparkles like diamonds in the sky.”


Blown Out – Jet Black Hallucinations (2015)

“New Power Trio formed in 2014 from Newcastle, UK. Their music is heavy rolling basslines, waster infused guitar freakouts held together with steady freeform rhythms. Made up from members of BONG, Drunk In Hell, Haikai No Ku, 11Paranoias, Khunnt and pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs. The trio evoke the psychedelic rock, space rock jams from San Francisco’s glory days – effects-laden guitar jamming that goes nowhere and everywhere, held down by a hypnotic groove that never misses a beat, no matter how long they play without pause.”


Mind Mountain – Mind Mountain (2013)

“Liverpool heavy space Rock band MIND MOUNTAIN have accrued an impressive live reputation in a relatively short space of time. Dealing in lengthy instrumental prog/psych jams that feature a bewildering amount of improvisation and intuitive music-making, the three-piece successfully combine reckless abandon and pinpoint accuracy. The trio have so far recorded three weighty slabs of dense riffage and hypnotic grooves into the world, the cuts boasting the influences and love of the likes Hawkwind, Budgie and early 70’s Progressive rock.”


Fleetwood Mac – Jams 1968-1970 (2013)

Selection of jams by English blues rock band Fleetwood Mac:

01 – Instrumental
02 – The Madge Sessions #1
03 – Searching For Madge
04 – Fighting For Madge
05 – The Green Manalishi
06 – Rattlesnake Shake
07 – The Green Manalishi
08 – Coming Your Way

01 – Rattlesnake Shake
02 – The Green Manalishi
03 – Rattlesnake Shake
04 – Encore Jam
05 – Coming Your Way
06 – On We Jam

John McLaughlin – Devotion (1970)

“This recording date grew out of sessions Alan Douglas put together, featuring McLaughlin and Larry Young jamming with Jimi Hendrix and Buddy Miles (Billy Rich was the bass player). McLaughlin sounded timid next to Hendrix (none of the material with Hendrix has been officially released), but really comes to life on Devotion. This is arguably one of the finest acid rock albums of all time. McLaughlin is on fire, using fuzzboxes and phasers, over Larry Young’s swirling Hammond B-3, with Billy Rich and Buddy Miles as the rock-solid rhythm section. If you think that McLaughlin’s solo at the end of “Right Off” (from A Tribute to Jack Johnson) is one of the high points of his career, then this is the album for you.”