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Snakes Don’t Belong in Alaska – Sounds of a Forming Planet (2023)

“The great Carl Sagan once said “It might be a familiar progression, transpiring on many worlds—a planet, newly formed, placidly revolves around its star; life slowly forms; a kaleidoscopic procession of creatures evolves, intelligence emerges”. SDBIA imagined what it would sound like, listening to this universal progression and this is how “Sounds Of A Forming Planet” came to be. Recorded live, these improvised performances explore the thoughts of how we came to be, through the use of Heavy psychedelia, Stoner, doom and prog rock. Consisting of 3 killer slabs of mind altering psychedelic sludge, this record sees SBDIA return to their best.”


Junzo Suzuki & Snakes Don’t Belong in Alaska – The Ascended Master Teachings of Junzo Suzuki and Snakes Don’t Belong in Alaska (2019)

“This is long form psychedelic rock which has many extraordinary acid-kraut-rock moments which are futuristic and retro. Not for the faint of heart as the music goes there and back again leaving a trail of cosmic debris which sparkles like diamonds in the sky.”