Kandodo / McBain – Lost Chants / Last Chance (2016)

“A meeting of like minds surfing the sonic highways to tonal oblivion. These four castaways on Sonic Island have delivered an album that evokes the long lost and revered genre “Drug-Rock” a true mind melt of acid abandonment! Tab-era Monster Magnet, Sessions Era-The Heads—purely visceral and pummelling workouts of a krautrock and pschedelische.”


3 Replies to “Kandodo / McBain – Lost Chants / Last Chance (2016)”

  1. This is a GREAT album. Got the cd version (2cd). The rest of the Kandodo stuff (3 albums) is great as well. Long live The Heads, long live Kandodo. And John McBain.

  2. This is dandy stuff. Over 2 hours worth of great music and not a single bit of lyrics. I haven’t heard anything else by them, but I will be checking it out.

  3. Exactly as described above by Mr. “boweasel”, just great instrumental vibes to get lost within…
    Thank you very much for the enlightenment.

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