2 Replies to “Estrada Orchestra – Playground (2021)”

  1. Jazzbient… that would be a perfect one-word description. These guys seem to morph into something new every time I hear them. Now it’s jazzbient (I’m trademarking that, btw) and it’s a pleasant transformation from the funky acid-jazz party of their debut. Downtempo and dreamy, there’s room to relax and float away. Also, this was recorded live at something called Ganna & Sofia Playground Dance Workshop, which sounds amazing by itself. Anyway, give this a listen, your soul will be glad you did.

  2. Getting a physical release on Sulatron Records is enough proof of quality really. Jazzbient? yes, I suppose I can get behind that description! Very relaxing and spacy atmosphere. Would be the perfect soundtrack for a documentary about deep space exploration IMO.

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