Øresund Space Collective – Relaxing in the Himalayas (2021)

“In 2014, we assembled an amazing line up of clever and inspired musicians to have a few days of jams in the studio. Hasse (Tangle Edge) came down from Norway, Jonathan, KG, Mathias and Alex came down from Stockholm. Jonathan (Camper Van Beethoven, Sista Maj) had been a big fan of ØSC but not played with us before. KG (ex-Siena Root, Palace on Wheels) had joined us before in the studio previously and also live. Mathias (My Brother the Wind) had also played live with ØSC before (on bass) and was a good friend of the band. I had been a big fan and friend with the guys in Gösta Berlings Saga for a few years and thought their drummer Alex would be a great fit. Finally, Jonas (Agusa) and Mats came over from Malmö. Both had played live with the band in the past. The 45min piece you are listening to now, was the first piece of music that we recorded together. Wow.. I hope that you enjoy this.”


3 Replies to “Øresund Space Collective – Relaxing in the Himalayas (2021)”

  1. ØSC always seem to find ways to make improvised psych sound great. There’s the ØSC backbone, the methodical rhythm section, thumping along, keeping us on our trajectory. Add in some sitar, some gypsy strings and the subtly spiritual organ and then douse everything in wild, wandering guitars to get set off by the waxing and waning tempo. And as we time-travel into space for 45min, plugged into this smoldering slab of mind-melting groove, you get the magical psychedelic mystique of the Collective. Wait… how did I get here?

  2. OSC is one of those bands, such as AMT or Melvins, whose huge output can be a bit off-putting. Often I find myself not really wanting to listen to, let alone buy, yet another album. There’s so much other music! OSC however rarely disappoint. The dubby bassline hooks you from the beginning, the sitar adds nice some eastern touches and the violin is reminiscent of certain Simon House-era Hawkwind tracks. The only point of contention for me is the absence of a real climax. I wish there was some kind of freak out part as a finale.

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