“Papir is a krautrock band from Copenhagen, Denmark. Band correctly eschews the traditional pigeonholes of krautrock, prog rock, space rock and stoner rock, while admitting to retaining elements of all these nebulous and intersecting genres. Influences cited by the band include Can and electric Miles Davis (Stundum is semi-improvised, with a few extra layers of guitar and percussion overdubbed onto the frenzied three-piece jams), as well as German guitar legends Manuel Gottsching (specifically the two extended freakouts on the first Ash Ra Tempel album) and Michael Rother (as heard on the crushing and thoroughly atypical early Kraftwerk bootleg K2).”

Stundum (2011)

Papir III (2013)

Papir IIII (2014)

Live at Roadburn (2015)


Ektroverde – Ukkossalama (2003)

Ukkossalama (2003)

“Ektroverde is an offshoot of Circle, the musicians change as constantly as the ideas expressed musically in this band. An eclectic combination of krautrock, post-rock, space rock and free-form jazz, Ektroverde is marked by it’s long, hypnotic jams and it’s use of homemade electronica – the UFOX air humidifier theremin, vacuum cleaner synth, breadbox guitar amp, and a collection of modular oscillators and such. Think of The Young Gods mingling with the Lotus Eaters, Hawkwind, Los Natas, Colour Haze and the Velvet Underground with a bit of Bootsy Collins bass here and there for good measure. A highly recommended listening experience.”

Tsurubami – Gekkyukekkaichi (2003)

Gekkyukekkaichi (2003)

“Tsurubami is yet another side project by the prolific Acid Mothers Temple guitarist Makoto Kawabata, with Temple bassist Hiroshi Higashi and drummer Emi Nobuko… Here are squalling guitars, over-driven basses, feedback, and cacophonous noise. In the maelstrom, which is utter and total, shifting overtones and subtleties are rained on the listener with alarming frequency — and they are heard whether the volume is high or low — creating another layer of density to an already impossible textured quilt of color and amplitude…”

Alien Planetscapes – Life on Earth (1997)

Life on Earth (1997)

“ALIEN PLANETSCAPES was the brainchild of space rock veteran Doug Walker who unfortunately died of a heart attack in April 2006. The New York based musician has been a prolific keyboarder with a jazz background showing interest in using an experimental instrumentation consisting of synthesizer and other electronics… ALIEN PLANETSCAPES was founded in 1981 then based on an experimental approach with elements of improvisational rock, free jazz and the Berlin School electronic music represented by Tangerine Dream and Ash Ra Tempel…”

Hotel Wrecking City Traders and Gary Arce – Hotel Wrecking City Traders and Gary Arce (2011)

Hotel Wrecking City Traders and Gary Arce (2011)

“It’s a cross-continental collision of sounds. Gary Arce is considered one of the founding figures of desert rock. His laid back, airy tone and improvisatory will have been a key inspiration for bands literally all over the world, and when it comes to jams, there are few guitarists out there who can add as much personality to a piece of music as he can. Apart from working instrumentally, they seem to be driven by completely different musical ideals. The two-song, 20-minute release combines the disparate elements at work in the total three players involved for a double-guitar brew that’s based as much on improvisational noodling as it is on noisy crunch.”


Twin Tail

“Twin Tail is a three piece improvisational, instrumental band. Made up of drums, bass and violin, they bring something of a unique sound to the table. Violinist Yuji Katsui uses the same set of floating, delayed and syrupy effects as sgt’s Mikiko Narui. The sound is so similar as to make one wonder if there isn’t some sort of conspiracy going on amongst post-rock instrumental bands in Japan. It’s obvious from the start that Twin Tail is all about improv and jamming out thorough extended passages. Their songs build (very) slowly, with tempos stretching and breathing along with the intensity of the music. There are really no “songs” or hooks per se. Yuji plays his violin like a screaming, psychedelic guitar more like a blissed-out solo from Jimi Hendrix than any sort of classical piece, while drummer Tatsuya Nakamura and bassist Toshiyuki Terui pound out a trance-like tribal backdrop.”

Everything is Permitted (2008)

The Blood of Rebirth (2009)


“Elephant9 is a Norwegian jazz/prog rock band. Their music sounds like a modern take on 70’s prog and hard rock, with clear influences from Miles Davis. Their live shows are said to be stunning. Classic Hammond driven prog fusion and great big real deal analogue instrumental pieces on a direct line from somewhere in 1974. Flowing jazz flavoured progressive rock pieces that feel like well considered structured focused jams. Well focused is a relative term, they’re not afraid of a long piece (or two) of healthy prog rock self indulgence, a self assured style, tight accomplished musicians who just let it all naturally flow rather then feeling any kind of need to show off how good they are. Thrilling ride through the glories of organ driven 70’s sounding jazzy prog rock, bits of funk, Deep Purple sounding hard rock jams, and more notes that you can reasonable expect to be coming at you none stop in such a gloriously good way…”

Dodovoodoo (2008)

Walk the Nile (2010)

Live at the BBC (2011)