Papir – Stundum (2011)

“Papir is a krautrock band from Copenhagen, Denmark. Band correctly eschews the traditional pigeonholes of krautrock, prog rock, space rock and stoner rock, while admitting to retaining elements of all these nebulous and intersecting genres. Influences cited by the band include Can and electric Miles Davis (Stundum is semi-improvised, with a few extra layers of guitar and percussion overdubbed onto the frenzied three-piece jams), as well as German guitar legends Manuel Gottsching (specifically the two extended freakouts on the first Ash Ra Tempel album) and Michael Rother (as heard on the crushing and thoroughly atypical early Kraftwerk bootleg K2).”


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  1. This is really good, a fitting record for album of the year. Makes a nice change from the usual suspects too.
    Here's to a 2012 full of music of this quality, keep 'em coming fella 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot man , really great stuff !! Any chance for the Chicago Odense Ensemble record ?
    I wish you a very trippy new year !!!

  3. Hi !
    I loved your blog. The best. Baku, Azerbaijan '. Already bought some cd's from someone in your city. Cd's of Russia. Very good. Bought by eBay. Thanks from Brazil

  4. thanks much! great blog – care to swap links?


  5. Listening to Stundum now. Fantastic sound! Great post, thanks. Going to try the S/T one when this finishes.

  6. I was seeking a blog like this for months and i found it today accidentally! It's like an Oasis in the desert for me. Viva la New Age of Psychedelic Music! Peace from Greece!

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