Edena Gardens – Dens (2023)

“Members of Papir & Causa Sui finalise Edena Gardens trilogy. True to El Paraiso fashion, Dens concludes a trilogy of albums, aptly spelling out the last third of the group’s name. And true to form, the band turns inwards rather than outwards, drawing on deep shades of ambient, slowcore, and the ghost of Mark Hollis. While maintaining their psychedelic edge, the trio weaves the lines between genres in a way that’s becoming a signature of its own. Never in a hurry, but always moving somewhere.”

Kanaan – Diversions Vol. 2: Enter the Astral Plane (2023)

“Diversions Vol. 2: Enter the Astral Plane is a collection of improvised compositions recorded in 2021. The record shows a different side of Kanaan, where the aim is to explore different states of mind and musical spaces where collective improvisation is at the forefront. Improvisation has been an important part of the band’s live shows from day one, but it hasn’t been as prominently documented on record – until now.”


Yawning Balch – Volume Two (2023)

“Bob Balch here. In November of 2022 I went out to Joshua Tree for a day of jamming with the guys in Yawning Man with the intention of calling it “Yawning Balch.” No riffs were planned. We just plugged in and played. The only discussion beforehand was that Gary Arce and I wanted to mess with tons of guitar pedals. I knew that while we were jamming it sounded great, but it wasn’t until I got home and listened to it all that I realized we had something special. It’s hard to believe that we jammed for five hours and got two full length LPs and then some out of it. Every player killed it on these recordings and I’m beyond grateful to have my name involved with this legendary band. Fingers crossed they invite me back out annually for more jam sessions. I hope you enjoy these jams and please use responsibly.”


The Myrrors – Live at Exploded View (2023)

“This half hour improvisation was recorded live at Exploded View Microcinema on occupied Tohono O’odham land on April 1st, 2015 around the time that our album Arena Negra was released. This was a short lived lineup of the band that nonetheless was incredibly active during that year, and was that which also performed at the band’s one (technically frustrated) appearance at Austin’s Levitation Festival.”


Speck – Eine gute Reise (2023)

“In a unique interplay, SPECK combines the repetitive, driving character of Krautrock and the boundless, psychedelic sound spectacles of space rock – and goes one step further: with a lot of energy, dynamics and unexpected twists. The band’s sound is now more mature, more sophisticated, richer. This time it was deliberately recorded in complete home direction. Sounds have been created that may sound familiar at first glance, but now also make clear many things that were previously hidden. You can hear the swinging of the skins, feel the motor skills of the bass, anticipate the step on the wah pedal and the energy that is bundled and released. The many layers of the guitar open like a pompous fan. While the bass envelops the room in unobtrusive analogue warmth as before, it is above all the drums that make the quantum leap in sound clear. On their latest record, SPECK create a cosmic soundscape with their glorious repetitions and a 3D backdrop, on which it is wonderful to cavort.”


The Spacelords – Nectar of the Gods (2023)

“With “Nectar Of The Gods” The Spacelords take their unmistakable sound to new, astral heights. The Spacelords – the galactic grooving space rockers in the stoner space-time continuum – grace our solar sound system with their latest album… The constantly reinventing, deeply interwoven interplay of the trio captivates the stoner, space and kraut rock community with its devoted joy of playing, as only true friends can muster.”


Zone Six – Full Mental Jacket (2023)

“Zone Six got founded in August 1997, when Dave (also known as Sula Bassana) got a concert request for Liquid Visions, but this band was not able to play the show. So Dave had the idea to form a new band just for this: Zone Six. The idea behind was to play long tranceful space- and acid-rock improvisations. Now, 26 years later, this project is still existing and has a new, dark and powerful album out. The basics were recorded within the first three days of March 2022, influenced/affected by the news of the just started Russian war on Ukraine. It took more than a year to do some overdubs and produce the whole album out of these jams/composings (in a few days/weekends).”


Kombynat Robotron – Frohe Zukunft (2023)

“This is the band’s third release to date on Drone Rock following on from their two Dickfehler Studio Sessions albums, both of which became firm favourites of regular DRR customers. Since their last outing on DRR the band may have gone from a four to a three piece outfit but they haven’t lost any of their distinctive heavy Krautrock grooves. In fact, if anything, ‘Frohe Zukunft’ marks an evolution of Kombynat Robotron’s renown love of repetition with even looser Kosmische rhythms, pounding riffs and exploratory guitar jams which send the listener drifting into the Cosmos.”


Causa Sui – Loppen 2021 (2023)

“Each Causa Sui show is unique. Here we’re offered a different perspective of the band’s music – it’s looser, more free-flowing, and some tracks are warped into something far from their original versions, bouncing off the wooden beams on the low ceiling of Loppen with renewed energy. At one point you can hear the band calling to take a breather and let some air inside the sauna-like temperature of the show, which just weeks before seemed impossible. Loppen 2021 offers a complete set from start to finish, so since chances that you’ll catch the band live in person are slim, this is the next best thing.”