Trigona – Isophase (2024)

“Isophase, the third instrumental album from Trigona, is now available on vinyl. Spread across six tracks, the album is tight and punchy, while still having plenty of space for weird, swirly, reversed, and multi-layered guitar and synth tracks. Heavier in places than the last Trigona record, Isophase blends influences like Neu, Acid Mothers Temple and Spiritualized to give the listener a 42-minute psychedelic road trip.”


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  1. This is some soothing yet active psych/krautrock that levitates in an upbeat & meditative realm via the propulsive rhythms of the kraut side of things. It’s got a sunny disposition but there’s depth in the instrumentation that draws you in from a casual listen and triggers the zone-out effect that lives in all good ‘psych’ music. To put it TripJam terms, Rob is a badass and Trigona is totally legit

    Standout: Redshift

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