Category: Canada

Anunnaki – Martyr of Alexandria (2021)

“…once the gothic space-rock bass riff and tortured fuzz of ‘Golden Gate Of The Sun’ starts up, it’s hard to dispel visions of a pair of speed-freak psychonauts locked inside a very dark room, producing lightsucking noise. ‘Cyril The Fanatic’ is another headlong plunge into the void, the filthy chug of a nuclear-powered craft burning a path through the cosmos. But the best track here is the extended ‘Cries Of Hypatia’, ambient feedback and a slow beat joined by a glowering choir of voices, building towards an impressively monumental climax.”


Population II – Population II (2017)

“Introducing Population II-blazing through the stratosphere, boiling up from beneath the sea, hanging in the air like smoke… These elemental tunes drift and fluctuate, at one with the air, over extreme heat. Population II has beamed out of Quebec with a mind-melting debut [À La Ô Terre] of hard psych, freckled with punk sentiment. Both old school and timeless, these young humans rip. They are impressive in their live actions and this album captures this raw energy on wax. Produced by Manu from the great band Chocolat, a very high bar has been set, indeed. Fluid, tough, and over-saturated, this album is bound to please fans of the label and new-comers alike. Reminiscent of Amon Düül, early Pink Floyd, Kollektiv, Laurence Vanay, Les Olivensteins, early Kraftwerk, even a touch of the Kinks.”


Anunnaki – Immanentize the Eschaton (2019)

“Imagine a cross between Motorhead’s Lemmy & Philthy Animal and Kraftwerk’s Ralf & Florian, together channeling the kozmik vision of Alice Coltrane through Sunn O)))’s amplifiers, and with influences varying from Klaus Schulze to Acid Mothers Temple, from New Age to Black Metal, Madame Blavatsky to Thich Nhat Hanh, and you’ll start to get the idea of what Anunnaki is all about.”


Electric Magma – Snail The Wah (2005)

“Electric Magma formed in 2000 in the tiny hamlet known as Toronto, Canada. Emerging from the ashes of previous musical endeavors, the thunderous trio comprised of Tryg Smith , Tim Reesor and Mario Lunardo forged ahead with their vision of sonic eruption. Halfway up the fuzzed-out sludge ladder, somewhere in between the metal boogie rock of Clutch and the surfed-up stoner rock of Fu Manchu, lies the sound of burning liquid rock. Electrified Magma… While the lack of a singer can be a crippling obstacle for many a lesser band, it has only added fuel to their collective fire and driven their fuzzed-out riff rock into another dimension.”