Anunnaki – Immanentize The Eschaton (2019)

“Imagine a cross between Motorhead’s Lemmy & Philthy Animal and Kraftwerk’s Ralf & Florian, together channeling the kozmik vision of Alice Coltrane through Sunn O)))’s amplifiers, and with influences varying from Klaus Schulze to Acid Mothers Temple, from New Age to Black Metal, Madame Blavatsky to Thich Nhat Hanh, and you’ll start to get the idea of what Anunnaki is all about.”


2 Replies to “Anunnaki – Immanentize The Eschaton (2019)”

  1. Two dudes flex their musical muscles on this heavily effected drone-rock workout.
    One monstrous track where slow-morphing synth buzz is systematically overpowered by the burly groan of Sleep-soaked amps. Then these two titans intertwine, swapping blows until the engines flame out and everything quiets down to let the meditative hum of that vibrating synth anesthetize you. Epic!

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