3 Replies to “The Band Whose Name Is a Symbol – Berserkir Volume I (2020)”

  1. Prolific, mysterious and ever-evolving, TBWNIAS craft ‘psychedelic’ music on the darker edge of the spectrum and this is flaming testament. Ghostly, smoldering intros gradually catch fire, illuminating the shadowy corners of your mind, the ‘free psych rock’ blaze consuming space and time leaving just a hollow buzz of what was there – a boiling amalgam of kraut, psych, prog and jazz. And as these haunting midlength improvisations burn out and the thick haze slowly evaporates you’re left to wonder ‘Did I leave the oven on?’

  2. If I had a music blog (or magazine), I’d hire @shawnzee as President Of Writing About Music.

  3. dang bro, i’m honored!
    i appreciate the kind words. i’ll do my best to keep it interesting and informative.
    @earthless i’m here if you ever need anything!

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