Psychic Lemon – The Unheimlich Kingdom (2024)

“It is the band’s darkest yet, full of unrelenting repetition and piled high with dense slabs of sound, a total contrast to the sounds of their self-titled debut… It is a grim, powerful record and perfectly encapsulates these dark and, quite frankly, depressing times. It is the sound of a band rallying against the status quo and simply stating “enough is enough”; a true reflection of a dystopian future that has already descended on us.”


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  1. Thanks for Psychic Lemon link. Liked their early stuff. Interested to listen to this one.

  2. As a duo creating music of this depth, Psychic Lemon have psychedelic music pretty dialed. But coming off their series Studio jams Volumes 1-6, this is a much more sinister affair. It actually left me wanting to stand in the sunshine to shake off the bleak vibes. Percussive, potent and distinctly dark… I think I prefer Freak Mammal.

    Standout: The Unheimlich Kingdom

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