Bardo Pond – Volume 9 (2024)

“Bardo Pond’s extensive archive recordings series opens up once again with ‘Volume 9’, an incisive journey into their hypnotic sound. Recorded in the early 2000’s it’s a heady mix of acoustic ambience and menacing distortion. Infamous purveyors of longform stoner rock, Bardo Pond embrace their sludgestorms with graceful nods to Hawkwind, Earth and my bloody valentine. For anyone uninitiated with the band’s tranquilizing sound, Volume 9 leans into their mesmeric practise with reckless abandon.”


3 Replies to “Bardo Pond – Volume 9 (2024)”

  1. Enjoying this. Although my favourite is Acid Guru Pond. Wish they’d do more projects like that… 😀

  2. Given the right circumstances, these guys are spellbinding
    That said, Bardo Pond require a ‘want’ to be heard. Casually turning this on may not be as rewarding as actively choosing to be immersed in droning psychedelic music. But with an open mind and a desire to travel, this could be a perfect dose.

    Standout: War Is Over part 2

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