Papir – 7 (2022)

“Many aspects of Papir’s music seem to have much in common with the sea – be it a wilful association by the Copenhagen-based trio or not. Their output moves in waves, sometimes fierce and blustery, sometimes gentle and calming, but always performed with unforced, organic talent. Over the course of their 7 full-length albums, the band sways between psychedelic guitar meltdowns and long atmospheric passages with grace and ease. 7, with its blurred aquatic cover artwork is of course no exception to this rule, and the album is comprised of four long songs that return to calming waters after 2021’s heavier Jams.”


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  1. I’ll try not to over-hype this album BUT it is on another level. Like a different plane of ‘psychedelic’ with a surprisingly subtle influence of, dare I say, smooth jazz. There’s no way not to enjoy opener 7.1 (part I-III), a 20min trip, ringing with jangly guitars awash in reverb, kept in time by gently melodious drumming. Equally guided by ambient and drone, Krautrock and psychedelia, this is thee track… After that, 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4 combine to match the 20min standard and do an excellent job complementing the sensational lead track. Overall, a mellow affair for a group that’s been slowly roaming through new lands. Not gonna complain when progress sounds like this.

    Standout track: 7.1 (part I-III)

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