Mythic Sunship – Light​/​Flux (2022)

“Light / Flux sees the Scandinavian outfit Mythic Sunship take their self-proclaimed Anaconda Rock in a new direction. The band has previously incorporated elements from jazz, prog, psychedelic music as well as a ferocious punk feel both in production and playing on their penultimate record Wildfire (2021). Notorious for their usually improvised approach, Light / Flux is the result of a more composed, melodically and harmonically curious process, though still with the band’s signature penchant for unhinged improvisation at its core.”


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  1. Mythic Sunship have traveled A LOT of psychedelic landscape, from the rawness of Ouroboros to the evolution on Upheavel, the skronk of Another Shape of Psychedelic Music to the ‘maelstrom’ of Wildfire, there’s not much these wildmen haven’t explored. The one constant is a strong jazz backbeat, more often the frenetic free-jazz sort. But on Light/Flux it’s more composed, melodic, and harmonious, offering a more controlled and ‘fun’ affair, most notable on opener Aurora and groover Equinox. Excited for the new what’s next from this legendary crew.

    Standout track: Equinox

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