Svenska Psykvänner – B​ö​jda Toner (2022)

“Swedish psych-rock Svenska Psykvänner first got together in 2019 to make ‘The Hägersten Sessions’. The band, who feature members of Domboshawa, Fanatism, Eye Make the Horizon and Kungens Män, reconvened to make ‘Böjda Toner’. The album features five slabs of improvised, instrumental psych rock.”


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  1. The drumming here is as steady as an EKG. I’d say motorik, but I’m not an expert on that timing. At times it feels almost dubby, come to find out that Rökkpgausen is a 16-minute dub piece dedicated to Lee Scratch Perry, which is pretty obvious once you get there. Strong Krautrock vibes as well, even though they’re Swedish, lol. Regardless of your level of expertise (or your tolerance for my ‘comedy’), this is a deep chunk of hypnotic, meditative psych built on businesslike timekeeping.

    Standout track: Ur Led

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