Kombynat Robotron – Dickfehler Studio Treffen II (2022)

“Get ready for blast off…those German psychonauts, Kombynat Robotron are back on Drone Rock Records with another slab of far-out, cosmic space-rock, ‘Dickfehler Studio Treffen II’… The first Dickfehler Session went down a storm with customers and reviewers alike and this follow-up record continues where volume I left off with more extended krautrocky (if that isn’t a word, it should be!) jams and deep sonic explorations. Like I said, get ready for blast off, and prepare yourself for a psychedelic trip into the depths of the kosmische cosmos.”


2 Replies to “Kombynat Robotron – Dickfehler Studio Treffen II (2022)”

  1. I don’t have a better way to describe these guys besides ‘They’re just good’. They seem unassuming: nothing boisterous or explosive, just good. It sounds easygoing: no wizardy, pyrotechnics or ‘soloing’, it’s just good. And there’s a casual proficiency: instruments well-played and played well together… you know, good. What I CAN describe is a kind of rawness to the music, like the recording space was more noticeable maybe? And there’s a defined fuzziness to the guitars, where Dickfehler Studio Treffen I was more bouncy with clean reverb to the guitars tones. I guess it’s fair to say too that a subtle progression in a new direction from these guys is worth checking out.

    Standout track: Fehn

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