Guranfoe – Gumbo Gumbo (2022)

“Guranfoe is a four-piece rock band from Norwich, England whose music forges psychedelia, and prog intricacy. These styles combine with years of cohesive group playing to produce a live show defined by medleys of prog compositions and extended improvisation.”


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  1. In the far reaches of the mystical Prog forest lives Guranfoe. Lively and light, these gentlefolk weild their instruments with the deft hand of an Elven archer, true marksmen of the sound. A noticeable aroma of Gentle Giant and mid-period Yes hangs in the air, but doesn’t overpower what make Guranfoe exceptional: symphonic progressive rock built on bubbly psychedelia, jazz & jam-rock segues and unique time signatures that bring to mind some of the 70s best.

    Standout track: Indigo Moon

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