Earthless – Night Parade of One Hundred Demons (2022)

“There’s an ancient Japanese legend in which a horde of demons, ghosts and other terrifying ghouls descend upon the sleeping villages once a year. Known as Hyakki Yagyō, or the Night Parade of One Hundred Demons, one version of the tale states that anyone who witnesses this otherworldly procession will die instantly—or be carried off by the creatures of the night. As a result, the villagers hide in their homes, lest they become victims of these supernatural invaders. Such is the inspiration for the latest album from EARTHLESS… Whereas 2018’s Black Heaven featured shorter songs and vocals from guitarist Isaiah Mitchell on much of the album—an unprecedented move for the San Diego power trio—their latest is a return to the epic instrumentals EARTHLESS made their unmistakable name on. Night Parade Of One Hundred Demons is comprised of two monster songs—the 41-minute, two-part title track and the 20-minute “Death To The Red Sun.”… All told, Night Parade of One Hundred Demons isn’t just a return to the band’s traditional format—it’s a return to their very beginnings.”


4 Replies to “Earthless – Night Parade of One Hundred Demons (2022)”

  1. Getting back to the roots of Earthless was something that I did not expect :O
    Either way I like it a lot. Still different stuff, but like it.

  2. Probably the best thing they’ve done in a minute, this record is an absolute ripper and they totally crushed it!

  3. Ok, this is fking awesome album. If they will pursuit this path I’m on board with it 🙂

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