Rude Skøtt Osborn Trio – The Virtue of Temperance (2022)

“An improvisation rippling across time and space, merging a river of constantly in flux head-on improv, as well as making room for floating harmonies and studio-wizardry. Playful, experimental and explorative, the trio ventures into a free wash of exotica drenched in deep modal jazz-vibes – with splashes of something more futuristic and modern. But contrary to what the title suggests, there are also roaring waves of energy, sizzling funky grooves to complement the ambient undercurrent. It’s a record akin to the library music of the 60’s and 70’s and an ode to the willful river of experimental moderation. Far in.”

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  1. For me, this lives in that strange space on the border of psychedelic and the distant realm of jazz. It is unmistakably improvisational, intricately adventurous and possesses mystifying depth. The familiar rhythms of foreign lands floats in and out of the meandering tracks, never tinting any one song a specific color. And even with the international sounds hinting at something more, this is what it is… groovy man, real groovy.

    Standout track: We Are But Water

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