Papir – Jams (2021)

“Jamming has always been an essential part of Papir. Jamming in the rehearsal room, jamming in the studio, collectively jamming live and getting in to a common zone of rocking outbursts, ambient soundscapes, repetitive trances or whatever comes through. Sometimes it can just feel like a hard work of even trying to get into the zone. But mostly it’s just good times and fun, and I guess that’s why we do it. It’s all about musical energy!”


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  1. Six tracks
    80 minutes
    Simply titled Jams

    Papir, the psychedelic trio from Copenhagen featuring Nicklas Sørensen, took a leap and laid down some outstanding improvisational psych music showing off their skill AND their chemistry. Spacious, mellow (yet engaging) and so many other things: groovy, lively, jazzy, flowing and most notably, spontaneous. Probably my favorite Papir album to date.

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