Gnod – Easy To Build, Hard To Destroy (2021)

“It’s the sound of an uncompromising devotion to rapture through noise and repetition, a portrait of a band whose anarchic approach and raw intensity any other outfit would be frankly terrified to follow onstage. Captured in the hypnotic rhythmic drive and intimidating atmospheres of tracks like ‘They Live’ and ‘Inner Z’ is a mantric energy which take a jumping-off point from the Krautrock, Japanese rock and underground American psychedelia the band were hammering at the time, as well as the droogy nihilism of The Stooges debut. Yet these feral experiments reach far beyond into a headspace that acknowledges no boundaries, rock orthodoxy or genre constriction.”


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  1. “rapture through noise and repetition”
    Absolutely. When I listen to Gnod, I forget I’m listening to Gnod and lose myself in the overwhelming wash of sound.
    (My only problem with them is the low-fi production values they often employ, but that’s a small price to pay for sonic bliss.)

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