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  1. I first discovered this band on [name of rival blog redacted] and picked it up because of its Blown Out association (band consists of Mike Vest (Blown Out, Melting Hand, 11Paranoias) and Junzo Suzuki (20 Guilders, Astral Travelling Unity) plus Dave Sneddon (who is credited with “drums and concussion”!).
    Highly recommended if you’re into Japanese psychedelic/garage/noise rock (Dhidalah, En’Ma-o, Qujaku, Joseph of Kirezi, the extended AMT family, Hibushibire, Ohkami No Jikan, the freakier bits from Kikagaku Moyo and Minami Deutsch, and the calmer bits of the mighty Zeni Geva) — and “psychedelic noise rock and space punk” is dead on!

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