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  1. First off — and this is besides the excellence of their music — any band who reliably has a “Buy Digital Album – name your price” on BC makes my day. (I always pay a bit, if for no other reason than they can’t make money performing live because of this damned virus.)
    And it helps that “Sacred Superheroes” reminds me of one of my favorite-ever tracks, “8tel-Ride” by Spaceship Landing.
    Recommended no matter what your specific taste in “jam band” might be, because they do it all.

  2. Oh and by the way, also check out Lemurian Folk Songs and Liquidacid if you haven’t already — Beng√≥ plays guitars for them, too!

  3. It’s amazing how prolific Satorinaut–and all of the bands from Psychedelic Source–were in 2020. And not a bad album in the bunch. I devoted an episode of Turn Me On, Dead Man to Psychedelic Source Records, and did an interview with Bence Ambrus to accompany it. Really great stuff–and all name your price on Bandcamp.

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