Ellis Munk Ensemble – San Diego Sessions (2020)

“Fueled by the furious drumming of Paul Marrone, and led by Jonas Munk’s fuzzy lead guitar and the multicolored keys of Brian Ellis, there’s an unmoored, floating quality to the music the large ensemble was creating at these sessions… The closest references would be Miles Davis circa Bitches Brew, Hendrix at Woodstock, or perhaps Can at their most blazing and levitational. The music flows like an electric river of vintage keys, percussion and fuzz guitars. And it’s glowing with life… For fans of Causa Sui, Earthless and Psicomagia this set is not to be missed!”

4 Replies to “Ellis Munk Ensemble – San Diego Sessions (2020)”

  1. Oooh yeees – this one will be on the top of my next vinyl order list.
    Thank you for posting

  2. There’s some definite psych/jazz crossover here and that’s just fine. There’s also some spiraling prog, some cosmic fuzz and some improvisation that veers out to the edge of chaos, also just fine. But what really stands out is the fluid transformation: from the psychedelic muscle of The Wedge, to the flowing groove of Munk’s Dreamland and on to the glittery vibration of Stone Steps, this session is a dazzling example of musical evolution

  3. Thanks shawnzee, I have a really hard time thinking of how to describe this one but I love it.

  4. This is an absolute hell of a release, Munk is an incredible musician and his chops are in full effect here. Absolutely mind-melting, thanks so much <3

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