Tambourinen – Wooden Flower (2020)

“Tambourinen is the project of Grant Beyschau, a multi-instrumentalist and part of the braintrust behind The Myrrors. Beyschau recorded, performed, and mixed the entire album himself. The album is dominated by deep grooves, entrancing rhythms, and a massive swirl of sound that recalls the Kosmische era of German music and takes on an almost spiritual tone.”


2 Replies to “Tambourinen – Wooden Flower (2020)”

  1. Everything I want from The Myrrors and luckily one band member delivers all that and more by himself! A great trip and easily one of my favourite listens of 2020.

  2. Like summoning elemental spirits in a storm after listening to Amon Duul! Highly recommend! (The album and the activity!) Seriously, track 3 especially a must listen !

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