Psicomagia – Psicomagia (2013)

“Landing in the era of 1968-1970 when Soft Machine, Magma, The Miles Davis Group, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Tony Williams Lifetime and many other were innovating the foundational basis to the 70β€²s rich fusion movements, Psicomagia bleeds with heart wrenching layers of amplified progressive psychedelia… Psicomagia in easily one of the best progressive rock albums to come out in years, if not decades and we are really astonished at how much better the album gets with every new listen. Progressive rock music has always remained vibrant in rock culture and Psicomagia has really taken the sub genre to new heights with their debut album.”


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  1. Hi there, this is Brian Ellis. Please remove the download link to this album. It's easily available as a DL at a very reasonable price, as well as being available on LP/CD. The entire album is streamable via Youtube so if you want to give a preview just use those. Thanks.

  2. come on, share the album Brian. That's the only way to be known, considering this is your first album! Great one, btw.

  3. Well,Brian,that's a fairly large slice of the UK festival scene won't be hearing this now…Enjoy your money!

  4. Well worth buying not sure what most of the complaints are about
    It's not like he asked for everything he's ever been involved in to be removed
    stream it on bandcamp if you can't afford it

  5. @ Grizz, we have to listen to a hi quality version of the LP first, to tell if it's worth bying or not, imo. youtube will not provide that nor the entire album, as insinuated. I wish you would share that bandcamp link if you can find it.


  6. Actually, yes it is available to stream in it's entirety on YouTube.

    El Memorioso
    El Congreso Pt. 1
    El Congreso Pt. 2

    The idea that I'm obligated to give away my music for free is rather absurd, considering the amount of money it takes to make a record happen… from the musicians pockets all the way up to the label and manufacturing costs. Do you go to your day job simply because if you didn't the work wouldn't get done, or does your paycheck at the end of the week have something to do with it? That being said, it is EASILY available to hear the album in it's entirety before purchase via Youtube, Bandcamp, etc. My asking the blog to remove the free download link isn't out of greed, but out of asking respect as a working artist. It's not like i'll be making a considerable amount of money off this album in the first place… If you're truly a fan of music then you should understand that it takes a lot of money to make albums happen and the only way artists can continue to make albums for people to enjoy is by the support of those people that do enjoy it, whether it be through album sales, ticket sales, merch sales, etc. It's sad that so many music fans expect to get brand new albums for free, and get upset when the artist that created it asks one blog to remove a download link… especially when you CAN listen to the entire thing for free.

  7. Sorry for angry audience, Brian, but what to expect from internet hippies who want everything for free πŸ˜‰ I personally buy new albums(often in digital format through bandcamp) when they released and I'm a fan of such music. By the way I remember someone from band(was that you?) asked me to write review but I suck on good writing considering that english is not my first language so if you want from me to remove this post completely just tell.

  8. No need to remove the post completely… we definitely appreciate the exposure and I'm a fan of your blog. I appreciate you changing the link to the official link to the album. I hope all is well.

  9. it's only fucking 10 bucks for some great music.i got it on vinyl and the
    quality is superb.

    "Fuck 'people's music'," laughs Jerry Garcia from a reclining seat in the plush, wood-finished business offices of the band. "I mean, I thought it was a dumb discussion even when it was the big thing awhile back to talk about how music should be free… that music belongs to the people and musicians rip them off. That kind of thing really irks me.

    "It's like, in order to get so you can play music you have to sacrifice a lot of what would have been your normal life. You know what I mean? …. It's not a thing you just do. If that were so, everybody'd be making their own music and there wouldn't be professional musicians. There'd be no need for them. For someone to deny the fact that you spent a certain amount of your life working on some sort of discipline and learning how to play… that's the rip-off…. Anytime someone comes down on artists and claims their work on any level, I think that's pure bullshit. There's been too many great musicians who died poor. People's music… it just ain't so."

  10. Amazing record! Looking forward to buy it as soon as I can, can't wait to spin this in my turntable. This music needs to be known,Congratulations!

  11. These guys are great, I saw them play in LA last summer in the front room of an old house. Astra played too, out on the back patio. Killer night.

    Buy their album!

  12. Amazing video, I am a broke internet hippie so I will just say thank you for the clip. Great music from a great label. Peace Love And Sunlight to ALL.

  13. No, it's not the only way to be known. It's obvious that you can read, so why not go the extra distance to think…about the point he's made.

  14. Bravo, Earthless. For what it's worth, a good article from the Guardian about downloading/pirating, etc. as thunk through by David Byrne:

    and equally poignant a rebuttal from Dave Allen of the Guardian:

    Do i have my own thoughts on the issue? Of course, but i'm not gonna waste my time on the freeloading internet hippie tribe cluttering up the airwaves

  15. Strange that some people think that this band (or any band) is obligated to allow free downloads of their work. If you want to preview the CD it is available via Bandcamp, YouTube, and Spotify at no cost. The idea that only a "high quality" preview will provide you with enough information about the music to enable you to make a decision is disingenuous at best — if you enjoy what you hear via those free source (which I do, by the way — great stuff!) then do the band a solid and pay them for their work.

  16. Couple of words from Anonymous (Saskatchewan, Canada).
    I have been listening to music for 50 years and I have best what prog/space/kraut gave us since late sixties. Astra-Weirding is one of the best albums I have ever heard in my life. Thank you Brian. And you are absolutely right when asking for free download link to be removed. It was your hard work that gave us the mentioned masterpiece. I will buy digital album Psichomagia from Bandcam. The price is right. My opinion is that free download kills music. I can approve it only for some obscure recordings from 60/70 that are not available any more or really hard to find.

  17. Thanks to this blog for introducing me great music like this. I bought the LP and am a happy man! Cheers

  18. Re: "considering this is your first album"… Um, no it's not. Brian has made other albums previously, such as his great Quipu which I'm going to buy as soon as I have some spare cash. Good on you earthless and Brian Ellis, and to all the complainers – my god you are arrogant children!

  19. Started listening about 10 minutes ago. Now onto the 2nd track, and have bought the album. Excellent music, so many little flourishes of different styles. There's Garage in there, Psychedelia, touches of Canterbury-style fusion, and I'm even reminded of Aphrodite's Child's "666" album! And 10 buck works out at just over 6 Pound Sterling in UK money. What's not to like?

  20. Whether it should be free or not is up to the band. Obviously you shouldn't think of your music as your "job" or some kind of "money making scheme" so I feel bad for them in that regard. But if you do want the fancy production and album artwork it does cost money. So what is one to do? I suppose I'll just skip this one cuz I'm broke, haha.

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