Domadora – Tibetan Monk (2013)

“Formed about two years ago, DOMADORA is a burning Parisian trio into Psychedelic Heavy/Stoner Rock who (self) released “Tibetan Monk” a couple of months back. This debut album contains 7 songs including two of them who can be considered as intro and outro, considering their relative short length and different structures compared to an overall who’s basically very much based on long jams and psyched-out stonerish vibes… DOMADORA is not the kind of band you’re used to listen from the generally rigorous french scene, a band with an emphasis on jams and obviously a very LIVE approach, this is already a very distinctive caracter and if it’s coupled with tightness and heaviness in fairly above the average measures, you’re then right to think that DOMADORA is a wild and vaporous entity that deserves immediate attention.”


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  1. Thoroughly digging this – many thanks for sharing! One listen, and I bought the CD. Like so much of what I find here, I never would have known about this band without your constant efforts. Great stuff!

  2. I run a creative department and every day or so, we do ‘floor time’ which is laying down and decompressing for about a half hour. Been putting this album on for the guys and it’s real zone-out mood fixer. Put some floor-time into your everyday and Domadora would be good for what ails you…

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