People of the North – Deep Tissue (2010)

Deep Tissue (2010)

“Started by Kid Millions and Bobby Matador of Oneida, People of the North is an ongoing but sporadic outgrowth of that restlessly experimental Brooklyn assemblage. While there are no clearly defined boundaries separating POTn from Oneida, it might be fair to say that the music tends to be more staunchly devoted to minimalism, repetition, improvisation, and sternness than the wide-ranging efforts of the big brother band. They packaged and unleashed a noisy krautrock behemoth of a jam session in the form of Deep Tissue. Recorded in 2009, it consists of four plodding, hypnotic psychedelic tracks clocking in at around 37 minutes – making it quite the heart-pounding journey. With an obvious penchant for improvisation and the immediate mood, People of the North not only revels in the static charge found in heavy guitar and feedback drenched freak-out moments, but can also be heard mining more pulsing, minimalist territory here. They’re pulling big influence from krautrock innovators Can and Neu! , but there is also a deeper, darker Japanese psych influence here, new and old – Les Rallizes Denudes & Acid Mothers Temple to name a couple. If you’re a fan of any psych, space rock or krautrock, you need to hear this record.”

Koolaid – Global Tyranny (2011)

Global Tyranny (2011)

“The weirdest of the bunch, groovy, and almost funky, thick steel string strum, all wreathed in psychedelic guitar noise, laced with some weird samples, drug related of course. All wound into a sound noisy and weirdly tripped out. Totally drugged out hypnotic space rock . The band set up a groove, usually super simple and minimal, spaced out and krautrocky, and then over the top, they basically let loose, a barrage of samples, all twisted up and layered and doused in effects, some looped rhythmically, others slowed down and sped up, and on top of that sheets of strange drones and whirs, clouds of swooping echo and delay, all manner of backwards melodies. The musical part slipping easily from minimal hushed lope, to pounding wah wah guitar drenched Stooges-y psychedelic stomp, to buzzy raga, to dirgey almost Butthole Surfers sounding drug rock, but again, it’s what’s going on all around it, which is like a symphony of malfunctioning samplers gone haywire.”

Sadistic Candle – Live Improvisation (2011)

Live Improvisation (2011)

“Sadistic Candle (Barrett Avner) is some demonic sourcing, kick-out-the-fuzz-and-beam-into-the-internal/eternal-zone jams. Sadistic Candle is straight from the heart of a man, broadcast from an expanse of quilted bedroom somewhere deep in Los Angeles, fueled with the dust hanging motionless in window-light over a stack of Hawkwind LPs, made crooked by the pure-hearted trickster, sighing with troubadour spirit, revealed with a 4-track. A statement of purpose.”


“Xhol Caravan, known first as Soul Caravan and later as simply Xhol, was one of the first bands participating in the launch of the Krautrock movement in Germany in the late 1960s. Their music draws from varied influences and fuses rhythm and blues and free jazz with a psychedelic rock sensibility… The live recordings include improvisational pieces stretching in some cases well beyond 25 minutes in length…”

Electrip (1969)

WDR Radio Live (1969)

Essen (1970)

Altena (1970)

Hau-RUK (1971)