“Based in Charlotte, NC, Husky is made up of Mark Hadden (bass), Phil Strickland (guitar), and Nate Wilkinson (drums)… In the past nine years, the instrumental trio has grown from spinning improvised epic rock jams to firing off focused, intelligent yet simple tunes. Ranging from thick, head nodding Southern grit-rock to echoing bluesy twang and swirling psychedelia to ambient soundscapes, Husky’s masculine punch has been embraced by fans of blues and classic rock to modern and stoner rock aficionados to fans of sweeping melodic post-rock. Their improv skills often come into play during live shows, and they rarely play the same show twice…”

Circle the Wagons (2006)

The Sea King (2008)

Max Headroom – Stonerman’s Friend (2011)

Stonerman’s Friend (2011)

“Max Headroom is a power trio that plays entirely improvised stoner rock jams. The band was formed in late 2010 by three musicians that come from Plutonium Nyborg (doom), Fal-Tor-Voh (stoner rock), Fresh & Frozen (grunge), Musical Chairs Collective (improvised) and now guarantee a diverse set of psychedelic desert rock so that every rocker will automatically headbang!”

Dire Wolves

“Dire Wolves, currently based in Pittsburgh PA, has a loose membership which often includes Jeffrey Alexander (Black Forest/Black Sea,Avarus, Secret Eye Records), Matt McDowell (Sagas, Dark Yoga, ArcoFlute Foundation), Ian Bonnet, Jennifer Myers, Dan Letson, Davide Manbeard Lifrieri, Joshua Kretzmann and Kenny “K-Doh” Donut. Dudes are on an endless trip of burned-out guitar riffs, stoned basslines, wasted vocals howling at the moon…fuck, I wanna jam! In the back-wash of Fennario, the black and bloody mire/the dire wolf collects his due while the boys sing round the fire.”

Jams and the Giant Peace (2010)

The Creator Has a Faster Van (2011)